Cost Efficiency

CPA 26% Below Target

High Conversion Rate

24% CVR

Targeted Reach

Localized UGC Videos

The Quick Story

Arbor is a home energy advisor that helps you automatically lower your electric rate on an ongoing basis for free. They partnered with Vibrant Performance to help validate TikTok as a successful acquisition and brand awareness channel using influencers to communicate the benefits of their free tool in an authentic way. They also needed to generate Linked Accounts at under $70 CPA.  

How We Did It

  • Arbor’s success relies on reaching people who use specific energy providers in select states.
  • Initial tests led to success with localized UGC videos targeting specific zip codes.
  • TikTok viewers received a hook that mentioned their specific provider.
  • Viewers were directed to a localized landing page.
  • The localized landing page offered a free savings quote.


We’ve generated Linked Accounts as low as $33 and $55.64 on average across different US states on TikTok at 24% conversion rate, from Registration to Linked Account.  

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