Exceptional Efficiency

CAC 77% Below Target

Explosive Growth

288% Increase in Sales

High Engagement

2.14% CTR

The Quick Story

DeleteMe protects people’s personal information by removing their info from data broker sites. Focused on driving sales efficiently in their marketing mix, they looked to us to develop an influencer strategy that would expand their brand presence and market share.  

How We Did It

  • Appealed to different user segments:
    • Millennials in the info-sec and tech communities
    • Parents
    • 55+ aged men and women
  • Partnered with influencers focused on:
    • Data footprint
    • Family privacy and security
    • Stopping spam mail and text messages
  • Started by testing UGC videos and organic influencer posts on:
    • TikTok
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Acquired new subscribers at $150 CAC
  • Cultivated diverse content and community interaction
  • Continued testing different hooks and creative concepts
  • Collected valuable business insights on audience resonance
  • Leaning into effective strategies
  • Seeing encouraging traction as the brand’s share of voice grows


We achieved an average cost per subscriber as low as $34 and tripled monthly sales, an increase of 206% across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.  

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