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190% Increase in Installs

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12,172 Total Engagements

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Quick Story

Influence Mobile’s play-to-earn Android app, Rewarded Play, allows players to redeem gift cards for installing and playing casual mobile games from its offer wall. Influence approached us to run their UGC paid media program on TikTok and try out a TikTok LIVE campaign to drive top funnel awareness and engagement. At the time, apps that reward players with gift cards were restricted on TikTok, so we had to be extra mindful of our messaging to avoid content being rejected or threatening ad account access.

How We Did It

  • We were already running a steady stream of UGC videos as ads on TikTok.
  • Decided to add a TikTok LIVE to the mix.
  • Collaborated with Matt, an avid word gamer and regular TikTok LIVE influencer.
  • Matt was already a fan of the app.
  • He went live at around 4pm ET for about one hour on June 30th, 2023.
  • Mentioned Rewarded Play every 5 minutes as new people tuned in.
  • Directed viewers to click the link in his bio.
  • Showed in-app footage of different games he was playing.
  • Consistently reminded viewers that they can be rewarded for playing if they download Rewarded Play.


Matt’s TikTok LIVE drove a sizable incremental 190%+ lift in installs for Rewarded Play, almost 5,000 views, over 12,000 engagements, and positive buzz about the brand on TikTok.  

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