WiserAdvisor Affiliate Program

The Quick Story

Founded in 1998 and trusted by over 100,000+ consumers, WiserAdvisor.com is a referral generation site for financial advisors and advisory firms. Facing larger, high-profile brands in a highly competitive market, they turned to Vibrant Performance to launch a new affiliate lead generation program from scratch. We structured our approach around engaging creative, meticulous partner research, data-centric optimization, and innovative user-generated content. The results consistently outpace their capacity for additional leads.

How We Did It

  • A no-obligation matchmaking quiz that drives traffic to the website, tracking quiz completions
  • Content partners, influencer channels, and curated user-generated content
    Comprehensive audience analytics and optimized lead funnels targeting prospects with over $100k to invest
  • Extensive research across a variety of platforms and services conducted daily to identify top prospective affiliates followed by proving out each channel at the lowest cost
    Dynamic monthly budgets, caps, and flexible payout structures offered to maximize efficiency in a changing economic environment
  • Tiered affiliate payouts based on the lead’s portfolio size (information collected through the quiz designed to gather high-level insights into the users’ current financial assets and goals)
  • Engaging affiliate media buyers to drive traffic to user-generated content on TikTok Custom weekly reporting for affiliates with dedicated support to optimize campaigns to their maximum ability


The client experienced a 30% lower CPA and averaged a CPL of $76, well beyond the client’s goal of $115. Also, our strategic lead nurturing led to a 44% conversion rate from lead to engaged lead, underscoring our success in driving cost-efficient results.

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