Debt Busters Affiliate Program

Welcome to The Debt Busters Affiliate Program:

About the company:

Debt Busters is a personal financial planning and credit agency. They help consumers get debt relief from unsecured debt, acquire consolidation loans, enact personal budgets, and grow towards higher credit scores and financial freedom.

Debt Busters is founded on the principle that all people should be free from over-burdensome debt. To that end, their Personal Financial Analysts are highly trained to create personalized debt relief programs that work for their clients. The unique debt relief service Debt Busters has developed will consolidate all their clients’ unsecured creditors into one payment, avoid bankruptcy, lower monthly payments in total, and shave years or a decade off of repayment periods. 

How it works:

Affiliates can earn a flat rate commission when they drive a qualified lead. All the lead has to do is fill out a sign up form. If the lead converts into a customer you can earn additional commission.

Who should sign up?

Debt Busters is excited to work with a variety of partners who are passionate about helping others reduce and eliminate debt.

If this sounds like you, and you operate any of the following traffic sources, let’s get in touch.

  • Content Blogs 
  • Review Sites 
  • Sub-Affiliate Networks 
  • SMS 
  • Influencers and Influencer Networks 
  • Mobile In-App Promotions 
  • Brand to Brand Partnerships 
  • Mass Media brands

Why sign up?

  • Help customers reduce their credit card balances by 40-60% while you earn extra income 
  • Simple and quick onboarding process. Start promoting the same day as sign up! 
  • Dedicated support from the Vibrant and Debt Busters teams’  

How to sign up?

Sign up through Impact!  

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Complimentary Affiliate Program Evaluation

Schedule a time for a free grading report on an existing program or get a consultation on a new one.


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