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Welcome to the Quinn Affiliate Program:

About the company:

Quinn provides highly personalized, expert financial advice and planning for any individual. Quinn offers a unique experience, utilizing conversational AI and personal financial best practices with the primary goal of assisting lower to middle income individuals with expert financial planning and services.

Built by Certified Financial Planners and wealth advisors, users receive access to leading financial planning and advice for a fraction of the cost, with an annual fee of just $99.


How the program works:

A user will install the application on their iOS or Android device and proceed with the registration process. Once registration has been completed, the user will verify their identity using a code sent to the phone number entered upon account creation. Once verification is confirmed, the user will be directed to the login page, from which the customized experience will begin.


Who should sign up? 

  • Websites with an audience interested in financial freedom, money management, saving, debt, investing, and overall financial education
  • Content Blogs/Review Sites
  • Publishers with an audience that falls within the 22–40-year-old age range, in addition to those with an individual income of $50-$200k
  • Sub-Affiliate Networks
  • Those with an audience catered toward lower-middle-income individuals seeking financial advice and services
  • Mass Media Publications
  • Influencers and Influencer Networks


Why sign up? 

  • The chance to be a part of an exciting opportunity to promote a premier mobile app dedicated to bettering the financial lives of others
  • Dedicated program manager to help you get started and grow your earnings
  • Competitive payouts starting at $20 CPA with the opportunity to scale

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