Welcome to the Sell It Like Serhant Affiliate Program:

About the company:

In 2020, Ryan Serhant founded Sell It Like Serhant with one mission: to turbocharge the independent careers of salespeople, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs in today’s new marketplace through training and solutions created by industry experts. Today, Sell It Like Serhant offers the #1 membership for independent sales entrepreneurs looking to unlock their lead generation, network, sales skills, revenue, and more

The Sell It Like Serhant Membership provides expert-led sales training, hands-on workshops, actionable sales templates, and access to the fastestgrowing community of salespeople in the world. The Membership comes equipped with 8 full-length on-demand training courses and 8 minicourses designed to help sales professionals sell more today and earn faster for the future. Not only that, but Members also enjoy access to endless resources to perfect their sales pitch, build their social presence, leverage new technologiesand so much more!  

With over 21,000 members across 126 countries and 6,000+ minutes of content available, the Sell It Like Serhant Membership is a must-have for anybody looking to take their business to the next level.

How the program works: 

A user will register for either a membership or free trial upon completion of a brief form along with entering valid credit card information. Once a user completes this process, they will be considered a lead and you’ll be issued a commission. 

Who should sign up? 

  • Those with an audience catered to entrepreneurs, salespeople, real estate, and RE adjacent professionals. 
  • Publishers with businesses offering educational products and services. 

Let’s get in touch if this sounds like you and you operate any of the following traffic sources. 

  • Content Blogs 
  • Review Sites 
  • Sub-Affiliate Networks 
  • Influencer & Influencer Networks 
  • Mass Media Brands

Why sign up? 

  • The chance to become part of an exciting growing community. 
  • Competitive Payouts: 
    • $10 CPA for a free trial and a $20 CPA per membership signup.

How to sign up? 

Sign up through Everflow using the button below!

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