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Finny Joins the Vibrant Community of Partners

75% of Americans say that they’re winging it when it comes to their personal finances. That’s an astounding number, if you ask us. The founders of the personal finance education service Finny agree – and their goal is to decrease this number significantly.

What Is Finny?

Finny’s main service is a finance education and coaching app for those who’d like to create a path toward financial health and stability. They provide simple tools, guides, and on-the-spot answers to give their customers insights into making smarter, better decisions with their money.

As a user of the app, you can ask questions within the community and learn about finance topics that are of interest to you. For $8.25 per month, you’ll have access to valuable resources and help from Certified Financial Planners, financial guides, and analyses that are Finny-approved and accurate. You can also submit personal finance questions and receive answers on-demand.

We’re excited to announce that Finny is now partnering with Vibrant by becoming a client within our performance marketing program.

Finny As an Affiliate Program

Finny affiliates can earn a $35 payout upon successful sign up for an annual subscription following a free seven-day trial offer with credit card details required. The payout changes to $4.50 per month if the user selects the month to month option for the service*. The annual cost after the free trial to consumers is $99.00 ($8.25 per month, charged annually). Please note that there are no refunds. The program is managed by Vibrant Performance and hosted on TUNE.

Who should sign up?

  • Websites or blogs that maintain a focus on personal finance
  • Content creators writing about the importance of saving and investing
  • Financial newsletters looking to add influential content for readers

Why sign up?

  • Payout: 35% rev share
  • Creatives: available upon request
  • Guidance and support: your dedicated program manager will help you along the way

How to sign up … 

To enroll, apply to Finny’s affiliate program here.

*payout expires after the 8th payment for the month to month option

Complimentary Affiliate Program Evaluation

Schedule a time for a free grading report on an existing program or get a consultation on a new one.


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