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Fintech Trends 2024: App Usage is Exploding

More Consumers Using Fintech Apps Than Ever Before

The adoption of fintech apps has seen remarkable growth in recent years. According to Plaid, the percentage of consumers who use at least one fintech application has soared from 33% in 2017 to 88% in recent studies. This trend highlights the growing trust in, and reliance on, digital financial solutions.

The Ernst & Young Global Fintech Adoption Index also notes this surge, detailing the rise in usage rates and identifying factors driving this growth. Key drivers include convenience, speed, and enhanced security. As these technologies become more sophisticated, user-friendly, and personalized, adoption is expected to continue climbing.

Additionally, findings from Tipalti and Fortune highlight fintech’s popularity among all age groups, including Baby Boomers, who are increasingly incorporating fintech into their day-to-day activities. This widespread acceptance across the generations underscores fintech’s transformative impact across the entire financial landscape.


  • Explosive Growth: Fintech app usage has surged from 33% in 2017 to 88% in 2021, demonstrating a significant increase in consumer trust and reliance on digital fintech solutions. 
  • Key Adoption Drivers: Convenience, speed, and enhanced security are the main factors driving this growth, along with ease of adoption and personalization. 
  • Widespread Appeal: Fintech is gaining popularity across all age groups, including Baby Boomers, indicating its transformative impact on the financial landscape and broad market acceptance.

Business Takeaways 

  1. Invest in fintech solutions and improve digital offerings. 
  2. Create apps, or partnerships with fintech apps, that offer a personalized, user-friendly experience.
  3. Target broadly. Market to all age groups, including Boomers.  
  4. Fintech literacy. Provide educational resources and robust support. 
  5. Ongoing innovation. Continually monitor landscape and update offerings. 

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