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Vibrant Partners with OneTrust Home Loans for Affiliate Program

In the business world, attracting new customers to your company is an ever-present challenge.

While online advertising, commercials, and direct mail are effective strategies for getting the word out about your organization, direct referrals remain among the tried-and-true methods. That’s why Vibrant is proud to announce its new partnership with OneTrust Home Loans.

OneTrust helps individuals seeking to buy a home obtain a mortgage, no matter their financial circumstances. With our partnership, companies that serve many of the same customers as OneTrust Home Loans can capitalize on direct referrals through our affiliate marketing program.

Local realtors, home improvement companies, landscapers, and similar organizations can benefit from joining an affiliate marketing arrangement with OneTrust Home Loans.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing refers to the partnerships companies form to promote businesses with similar customers. Here’s an example to illustrate:

Joan is looking for a new home for her family in Hartford, Connecticut. She enlists the services of a realtor to locate houses that fit her criteria. She’s seeking a four-bedroom home with a large backyard in a specific neighborhood in Hartford. 

Joan’s realtor provides her with a list of available homes. She finds a few she likes and decides to move forward with an offer for her top pick. The realtor suggests that Joan obtain approval for a mortgage loan with a company they’re familiar with. Joan agrees and qualifies for the loan.

After closing on the house, Joan decides to make a few improvements to the bathrooms and kitchen. The realtor gives her the name of a remodeling company, and she calls them for a quote. 

Finally, Joan decides she wants a lawn care company to care for the yard so she won’t have to do it herself. The realtor suggests a landscaper, and Joan signs a contract for them to mow the yard each week during the summer.

For each referral, the realtor receives a small fee for the recommendation. The referred company obtains Joan’s business, and Joan gets the services she needs. In other words, everyone wins.

How the Partnership Between Vibrant and OneTrust Home Loans Benefits You

If your organization provides complementary services to OneTrust Home Loans, you may benefit from an affiliate partnership through Vibrant Performance.

We connect businesses with other complementary organizations in a referral structure. However, our work goes much deeper than simple referrals. We set objectives for each company in your referral group and carefully examine each one’s customer base before making a connection.

We’ll never connect your brand with a company that isn’t the right fit. We seek to make each referral organic and valuable to both parties. If there isn’t a match, we’ll find another more suitable connection for your organization.

All parties benefit from the affiliate structure. If one business recommends your organization and you get a new customer, you’ll gain revenue. At the same time, the originating referrer will receive a small fee for their recommendation. The customer benefits from the services or products the company provides.

As you can see, everyone gains from the affiliate structure.

OneTrust Home Loans: Your Partner for Mortgage Loans

Anyone working in the real estate industry knows how critical the mortgage process is. Without a mortgage, your client can’t buy a home, and organizations therefore won’t benefit from the services they need, such as landscaping, house inspections, plumbing services, or home remodeling.

OneTrust Home Loans aims to make mortgages available to everyone seeking home ownership. A few mortgage products they offer include the following:

Conventional Loans

Traditional loans follow a 15 or 30-year term with fixed interest rates. Most clients seek a conventional mortgage unless they qualify for a unique program with other benefits. OneTrust Home Loans can help buyers find an option with a down payment and interest rate they can afford.

FHA Loans

An FHA loan is usually the best route to take for first-time homebuyers. FHA loans have special benefits, including lower down payments and interest rates. OneTrust works with its customers to find FHA loans that suit their circumstances.

VA Loans

Most people who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces qualify for a VA loan. A VA loan comes with low-interest rates and no down payment, making homeownership possible for military families. Customers can also use their VA loans to refinance an existing mortgage.

USDA Loans

Individuals living in rural areas can benefit from a USDA loan. The U.S. Department of Agriculture backs USDA loans, which offer mortgages to individuals with poor credit or limited income. A USDA loan makes it much easier for families to purchase a home.

Jumbo Financing

Some customers qualify for jumbo financing, which requires only a 10% down payment. Clients who meet the criteria won’t need to pay extra for private mortgage insurance. Jumbo financing benefits individuals purchasing expensive homes that want to minimize their initial investment and monthly payment.

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