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Vibrant Performance Launches Visor’s New Affiliate Program

Vibrant Performance Launches Visor's New Affiliate Program


Tax season is in full swing but many people aren’t completely satisfied with the available tax preparation service options.

Without proper guidance, consumers often leave money on the table with do-it-yourself software (e.g., TurboTax), which have been known to miss out on certain deductibles. Not to mention, they won’t get any follow up or professional advice to help them optimize their tax situations in the future. Obscure pricing is another common complaint according to websites such as

While CPA shops (e.g., H&R Blocks) can offer professional guidance, they’re often more expensive. Consumers are restricted to specific locations and don’t have the flexibility to do their taxes whenever and wherever that’s most convenient for them.

Introducing Visor: Taxes Made Simple

This gap in the market presents a great opportunity for publishers to introduce a brand newoption – Visor – to their audiences.

Visor is on online tax preparation service that pairs users with a tax professional (e.g., a CPA or EA) and helps them maximize their tax savings. It’s a hybrid service that integrates smart technology with human expertise to simplify tax preparation at a transparent, affordable rate..

Users simply upload their tax documents and Visor’s CPAs will handle the rest. They can communicate with their dedicated tax professionals online anytime and get additional advice on matters such as financial planning, auditing, and tax-implications of significant life events.

When the tax return is ready, users can review the documents and Visor will take care of the filing on their behalf.

Why Visor Is an Attractive Affiliate Program

Visor is a tax preparation alternative with a very broad appeal so affiliates with different niches can take advantage of its referral program.

It’s the only option that combines technology with human expertise in tax preparation. It’s much more comprehensive and reliable than self-reporting products and cheaper than those involving the service of CPAs.

Even though it’s relatively new to the market, Visor has already been featured on websites such as CNET and TechCrunch.

Not to mention, the various benefits of this service means the product pretty much sells itself:

  • Access to a dedicated tax professional: keep the same tax professional, year after year, who’ll get to know your tax situation and provide the most appropriate advice (and you don’t have to explain things over and over!)
  • Work with a certified public accountant: rest assured that your taxes are being prepared professionally by a CPA or EA. In addition, Visor’s CPAs can provide additional expertise in matters such as financial planning.
  • Message your tax pro anytime: chat with your dedicated tax pro via the Visor app or website all year round, anytime you want. For example, you can get advice on the tax implications of life events like buying a house, choosing a retirement plan, starting a new job, or having kids.
  • • Get full-service audit protection: have immediate access to your Visor tax professional in the unlikely event that you get audited. In some cases, your tax pro can communicate with the IRS on your behalf.

The payout is structured so affiliates are compensated favorably. Currently, you’ll receive $8 on an account registration and a second payout of $25 if the customer goes on to upload their tax form.

We also provide a second option that allows you to earn a $50 payout on paid customers who file taxes with Visor.

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