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Vibrant Performance to Partner with Prizeo

Prizeo is an online fundraising platform that offers unique and exclusive experiences and prizes to donors, with the aim of raising funds and awareness for charitable causes. By providing an innovative and effective way for people to support charities, Prizeo is helping to create a more compassionate and generous world.

The platform has raised over $100 million for more than 3,000 charities around the world since its founding in 2012. It enables celebrities and brands to offer unique experiences and rewards to their fans, while also raising funds for their favorite causes. Prizeo’s campaigns range from meet-and-greets with celebrities to VIP trips, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Vibrant Performance is partnering with Prizeo to help them expand their reach and improve their fundraising efforts. Vibrant Performance’s network of affiliates can promote Prizeo’s campaigns to a wider audience, increasing brand exposure and awareness. This will generate more website traffic, social media engagement, and overall visibility for Prizeo’s brand and cause.

What is Prizeo?

Prizeo’s mission is to empower people to make a positive impact on the causes they care about by offering unique rewards that inspire generosity. More specifically, the platform enables celebrities and brands to offer fans the chance to win exclusive prizes and experiences, such as meet-and-greets with their favorite stars, VIP trips, backstage access, and more.

For example, donors have won experiences such as the chance to go behind the scenes at the Oscars with Jimmy Kimmel, a private cooking class with Giada De Laurentis, and even to go to outer space

Prizeo’s campaigns are designed to be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that fans and supporters cannot get elsewhere. The platform’s team of experts works closely with celebrities, brands, and charities to develop fun, engaging, and effective campaigns that resonate with fans and inspire them to give. 

Prizeo’s Impact

Prizeo’s success is based on the power of community and generosity, bringing together celebrities, brands, and fans to make a positive impact on the world. With its focus on social media and online communities, Prizeo is at the forefront of the evolving landscape of charitable giving.

Prizeo’s campaigns have generated over 3 million donations from fans and supporters around the world and has worked with over 300 celebrities and brands, including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Coca-Cola. Campaigns have supported a wide range of causes, from health and education to animal welfare and the environment. 

How does it work?

Prizeo works with celebrities and charities to create a campaign on Prizeo’s platform, which includes a description of the cause they’re supporting, the prizes they’re offering, and the amount of money they’re aiming to raise.

Once the parameters of the campaign are set, it is promoted through various channels, including social media, email marketing, and advertising. Through Prizeo’s collaboration with Vibrant Performance, Vibrant Performance will provide affiliate marketing services to promote future campaigns to improve each campaign’s reach. 

Fans and supporters can enter the campaign by making a donation to the charity or cause. Generally, fans donate the base level of $10 to enter. Each donation earns the donor a certain number of entries into a sweepstake to win one of the prizes offered by the campaign.

At the end of the campaign, a winner is selected at random from the pool of entries. The winner is typically notified by email or phone and provided with instructions on how to claim their prize.

The money raised through the campaign is donated to the charity or cause supported by the campaign. Prizeo handles the transaction and ensures that the donation goes directly to the charity, minus any fees or expenses.

Relationship with Vibrant 

Overall, Vibrant Performance’s affiliate marketing services can help Prizeo to reach more potential donors, improve conversion rates, and achieve its fundraising goals more effectively. By leveraging the power of affiliate marketing, Prizeo can create a more impactful and sustainable model for charitable giving in several ways. 

Wider reach

Vibrant Performance’s network of affiliates can promote Prizeo’s campaigns to a wider audience, increasing brand exposure and awareness. This can lead to more website traffic, social media engagement, and overall visibility for Prizeo’s campaigns.

Higher conversion rates

Vibrant Performance’s affiliate marketing services can help Prizeo improve its conversion rates by targeting the right affiliates with the right messaging and offers. This can lead to more sign-ups, donations, and overall success in raising funds for charitable causes.

Cost-effective marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way to promote products and services, as it involves paying commissions only when a desired action is taken. This can help Prizeo to maximize its marketing budget and generate a higher ROI.

Reporting and analysis

Vibrant Performance will provide an analysis of the client’s affiliate program, including metrics such as traffic, sales, commissions, and ROI. This helps the client to track progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and make informed decisions about their program.

By partnering with Vibrant Performance, Prizeo can leverage its network to increase brand exposure, improve conversion rates, and create a cost-effective marketing strategy. Vibrant Performance is excited to help Prizeo achieve its fundraising goals and work together to promote charitable giving and generosity.

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