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Does Your Affiliate Partnership Agency Have Its Own Traffic?

The precise figure will vary depending on the source, but most estimates indicate there are somewhere between 1.6 billion and 1.9 billion websites in the world. They add up to over 6 billion indexed web pages in all. What this means is that while there is literally a world of opportunity out there, there is an equally large world of competition. You want to get noticed, but you also want to ensure that you’re being seen by the right people.

How can you reach your ideal customer in the most effective way possible? How can you break through all that noise and ensure that your message is being heard? That the right users are being targeted in just the right way at the right time?

If You Build It…

What happens when you choose to build something completely from scratch? It means that you’re throwing yourself right into the middle of those nearly two billion websites. You are literally starting from zero when millions of others already have a huge head start. It’s like starting a marathon when the other runners already took off minutes or even hours before you did.

The age-old adage tells us that if you build it, they will come. The unfortunate reality of the internet is that it just doesn’t work that way. If you build it, it’ll exist, but that’s about it. You need more if you want them to come. And that’s why, when considering an affiliate partnership agency to take your brand to the top, it pays to work with an agency that comes prepackaged with its own traffic.

A big reason why Vibrant Performance is a more robust and effective option compared to alternative agencies is our in-house personal finance website, The Money Manual, and our own affiliate network, Aragon Premium. You can leverage this foundation for faster growth in the affiliate channel, which is especially valuable for startup companies who don’t yet have that much brand recognition in their target market. Both of these internal assets will be key to both your short-term and long-term success.

The Right Audience

True, if you had an unlimited budget, you could theoretically buy unlimited traffic too. Just buy up all the ad spots across all related site categories, and take a shotgun approach. Of course, this would be nowhere near the most cost-effective solution. Realistically, you’d be wasting a lot of that money, because you wouldn’t be targeting the right users or the right audience.

And even if you did, your messaging could be completely off-base. There’s no relationship and the relevance is questionable at best. It would be like running a massive global campaign for a brick-and-mortar shop in one particular town that only deals with in-person transactions.

To target the right audience, you need to have the right data. In the case of Vibrant Performance, there’s The Money Manual. It’s a content-driven site geared toward educating a generation of smart investors. Topics include the top investing apps, how to start investing in real estate, and the best performing stocks of the last several years. The site also appeals to people who just want to be smarter with their money.

The Money Manual, as an in-house publisher, gathers valuable data and insights. Having an in-house publisher gives us the knowledge and understanding of how to work with publishers better than an agency that does not fully understand the workflow or economics of the publisher business. Empowered by these insights, affiliates can then better target the right audience. This also means they can drive the right kind of qualified leads to your offer.

They have a much better idea of who they should target, as well as what unique selling points or content angles drive the best (and most) engagement. When affiliates and publishers are happy with the conversion rates and EPCs they’re getting, it also means you’re happy with the excellent, targeted traffic they’re sending your way.

An Audience That Grows With You

In addition to The Money Manual, Vibrant Performance is also home to Aragon Premium. An established affiliate network of thousands of affiliates, Aragon Premium empowers you to scale an affiliate program faster and more efficiently than agencies that must establish partnerships for you from scratch.

Rather than starting with a completely blank slate, you can leverage an existing network of content partners, mass-media sites, review sites, influencers, reward platforms, and media buyers who are eager and enthusiastic to work with you. Powerful, trustworthy partnerships allow you to grow your reach at scale. The partners are vetted and you always have access to detailed reporting and hands-on optimization to achieve the best possible results.

These partners already have a relationship with Aragon Premium, so that means you can quickly and effectively reach their users. You built your part of your program. They can deliver it to end users, and pave a path for those users leading directly to your company and what it has to offer them. You can effectively cut through the cacophonous noise of the internet, putting your signal out in front of the competition.

By working with Aragon Premium, you also gain access to in-house mobile app marketing experts. Lean into our years of experience and knowledge on everything from fraud mitigation to traffic optimization.

Money in the Bank

Vibrant Performance is an agency with its own traffic. By gaining insights and data from The Money Manual and Aragon Premium, we empower third-party affiliates and partners to be as effective as possible in what they do. Any edge in recruiting and activating traffic on your affiliate program is one to deeply consider. With the average affiliate program taking 3-5 months to achieve success, Vibrant’s solution gets you there in 2-3.

Don’t start from scratch. Launch with partners who are just as invested in your success as you are, scaling right alongside you as you go.

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