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The Pros of Outsourcing Affiliate Marketing for Your Business

As with any business or profession, your earnings are limited by how much time you can spend working on a project or how many paid hours you can work in a single day. In order to scale a business and its earnings, one must consider bringing people in or outsourcing work to get more done. Without this in place it’s almost impossible to scale your volume and revenue month after month. After all, time is money.

Affiliate marketing is an area in which many people have found a great deal of success and where outsourcing can play a key component in that success. This is true for individuals, groups, and businesses who focus on affiliate marketing in any capacity.

To help with this process, we’re going to cover some areas of your affiliate marketing operations that you should consider handing off to a trusted agency. As with all business and life decisions, make sure you have a good understanding of who you are working with, what your expectations are, and what the necessary due diligence might be before signing on the dotted line.

Key Areas of Affiliate Business to Outsource

These are some areas that you could definitely start outsourcing to improve your overall numbers (including ROI) with affiliate marketing.

Publisher Recruitment and Campaign Optimization

Publisher recruitment is paramount to seeing your brand grow. Once your program is in full effect, attracting publishers to promote it is the logical next step; however, you might not have the time nor the connections to get it on the right path. Recruiting an outsourced partner to take on that workload for you will simplify that step in the process (and it’s a big step) – plus, finding the right partner with expertise in this area, experience working with publishers, and the convenience of a preexisting network will grow your business even more than if you did it on your own.

An outsourced partner can also optimize your campaigns for you. Using their extensive network and resources, they’ll target the right audience by reaching the most accurate publishers for your following. Furthermore, they can delve into your user acquisition and engagement data to establish benchmarks for performance and then use those standards to monitor your campaign.

Competitor Analysis and Data Research

One of the most time-consuming areas of affiliate marketing is coming up with original research data and competitor analysis before going live with your latest campaign. This is something that could definitely be outsourced to someone with the right skills in internet marketing and paid advertising.

You might already know where and how to look for such analytical data, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to explain how to replicate that process. If you work with a trusted company to outsource this work, they’ll be able to use their expertise to manage or even upgrade this process for you. If you work with a freelancer, you just need to create a base template or worksheet for them to fill in with new data.

The benefit to this is saving yourself hours of time by not wasting it on a tedious task that can be handed off to someone else. And should you find a reliable person to get the job done, this is one area that could quickly scale your affiliate earnings in no time.

Campaign Keywords, Traffic Sources and Optimization

Similar to competitor analysis and research, campaign keywords, traffic sources, and optimizing can all be outsourced. You likely already have a good idea of what it takes to create a successful ad campaign or how to keep your existing one profitable, but you might be limiting yourself by not scaling in different directions.

Instead of settling for a small and consistent ROI, you can package up most of your campaign data and pass it along to a reliable partner who is familiar with keywords and online traffic. If you want to avoid the middle-man search process, the option is always there to go with a trusted agency that has a proven track record. Not only will they likely have keyword and traffic data of their own which can further improve your reach and business ROI, they may even have their own shared platform to split test and compare campaign results throughout the progress.

Landing Page Creation and Ad Copy Split Testing

Outsourcing comes in many different shapes and forms, and it’s not just about user data and completing daily tasks. One area that nearly all affiliate marketers eventually start outsourcing is their landing pages and ad copy.

Not only do these two components take up a lot of time if you were to try and manage them yourself, but they also require some advanced skills that you might not have.

Whether it’s a one-page lander or ad copy for a long-form sales page, you’d be surprised at how drastically conversions can swing with a little bit of split testing.

Scaling Your Affiliate Business with a Proven Partner

No matter your past successes and failures in affiliate marketing, there is always going to be someone who has more experience and different ideas that can improve the state of your business. It’s helpful to learn from others and be open to their recommendations.

Teaming up with a performance marketing partner like Vibrant Performance can drive your brand to increased success as we have a proven track record for growing our clients’ revenue.

Should you have a service or ad campaign that is similar to a previous client, we likely have some great data, ad campaigns, and traffic sources to instantly send your campaign in the right direction. By outsourcing your affiliate marketing program to us, the task of generating higher revenues and running a best-in-class operation won’t seem so impossible.

Complimentary Affiliate Program Evaluation

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