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Vibrant Performance Announces Affiliate Partnership with Charitybuzz

Vibrant Performance is happy to announce its new partnership with Charitybuzz, the world’s premiere online auction site for luxury experiences and one-of-a-kind items. This partnership is a terrific way to support important charities since we always look for ways to give back to the community and offer unique experiences.

With Charitybuzz, we can offer access to a wide variety of luxury items and experiences that people can bid on in support of their favorite charities. We are excited to start working with Charitybuzz and look forward to helping people make a difference in the world.

Through Charitybuzz, you’ll have access to a constantly changing and dynamic inventory of experiences and items. You can bid on anything from VIP tickets to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for a friend or a fantastic experience for yourself, make sure you check out Charitybuzz. Remember, when you bid on items, you also support a great cause.

About Charitybuzz

Charitybuzz allows you to travel the world with some of the most celebrated people or explore other luxurious options, like autographed sports memorabilia. By bidding, you get to have fun while showing your support to great causes.

Could you see yourself touring historical sites or museums without huge crowds, playing golf with your favorite pro, or sleeping under a blanket of stars in South Africa? With CharityBuzz, you can own and show off famous artwork, catch concert tickets from a legendary band, or have your home furnishings come straight from an iconic designer.

Every time you bid on a Charitybuzz experience and win; you help make a real difference in somebody’s life. By bidding, you increase your chances of winning the item and help raise the final purchase price, meaning more money goes to charity. 

The money from your winning bid goes toward organizations working tirelessly to improve conditions that range from education and healthcare to animal rights, conservation efforts, and the environment. Every cause Charitybuzz contributes to is essential. Charitybuzz has raised more than $550 million to date.

Charitybuzz Is Purpose-Driven

Most consumers would instead purchase from a company driven by purpose. Young people are more likely to spend money on products and services that further a cause. Charitybuzz always strives to produce a positive impact.

“Focus on impact” is one of the core values and central focuses Charitybuzz maintains. Purpose-driven organizations allow employees to join together and work toward something more significant than themselves. Shared values bring people closer together and move toward the ultimate goal of improving e-commerce

The commonality between all Charitybuzz values is that they are constantly evolving and therefore, never final. This core value is about working relentlessly on the best opportunities for value and sustainable results.

Charitybuzz’s principles grow and change over time, alongside the means of pursuing each value, but the essence of each one remains just as vital. By deliberately holding to its central values, Charitybuzz created its company culture.

Charitybuzz lets these values guide its everyday decision-making and help it determine whether a business opportunity is right for it. Charitybuzz rejects big projects if they go against company standards.

Charitybuzz Recognizes Nonprofit Achievements

For too long, people described leaders of charitable organizations as lesser than those working in for-profit entities, even though they often boast impressive skills and experience. Charitybuzz is taking action to shift this perspective.

The company’s Entrepreneur Auction has become quite popular over the years, as it features successful businesspeople such as Bill Ackman, Mark Cuban, Bozoma Saint John, Richard Branson, and Marc Benioff. 

It also features a category called “Cause Leadership,” which emphasizes the belief that being a successful leader has nothing to do with an organization’s tax status.

Upcoming CharityBuzz lots include two tickets to Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, two tickets to Saturday Night Live, a meet and greet with Lin-Manuel Miranda, two tickets to Bravo’s “What Happens Live!” in New York City, two VIP Club tickets to Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium, a private meet and greet with Michael J. Fox, two tickets to a live taping of The Bachelor in LA, and many more exciting opportunities.

About Vibrant Performance/Aragon Marketing

Vibrant Performance possesses a wealth of experience that no other agency can match. We founded our affiliate network, Aragon Advertising, in 2012. We’ve generated income from advertisements by creating our publisher with The Money Manual.

We specialize in Pay-Per-Call marketing and insurance business success platform LeadSquad, and our latest project is a content marketing network focused on Fintech called Aragon Premium. Our comprehensive experience can produce outstanding results for our clients from every angle, making us unique compared to other performance marketing agencies.

Vibrant Performance Is Proud to Partner with Charitybuzz

Affiliate marketing can be an effective way to support important charities. By partnering with Charitybuzz, Vibrant Performance is helping to increase donations by supporting worthy causes.
With its ever-changing, dynamic inventory, Charitybuzz will help you find the perfect auction item or experience to benefit your favorite charity. Make sure to visit their website for more information on getting involved.

By participating in Charitybuzz auctions, you can support causes that are important to you while also getting the chance to win some fantastic items and experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Start bidding today.

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