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Vibrant Performance Announces Partnership with WiserAdvisor

Finding a financial adviser can be a daunting task. You’re looking for someone trustworthy and experienced enough to help you manage your financial world.

Whether your goal is a safe and secure retirement, wealth building, or debt reduction, choosing a financial adviser with the right experience is vital. You want to ensure they have the knowledge and experience for the job. You also want to make sure they act in your best interest.

To that end, Vibrant is announcing a partnership with WiserAdvisor, a platform that works to make connections between people and financial advisors who can meet their specific needs.

What is WiserAdvisor?

WiserAdvisor has been helping consumers since 1998. Their mission is to match consumers with vetted, high-quality financial advisors. But their services extend beyond merely a search engine for financial planners. WiserAdvisor also gives current financial knowledge as well as tax, inflation, and retirement calculators.

WiserAdvisor has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More than half of the reviews on TrustPilot are either Excellent or Great.

Financial Adviser Directory

WiserAdvisor’s nationwide directory has financial professionals from Fortune 500 companies as well as small firms. Each financial advisor is carefully prescreened before being added to the network. Every advisor on WiserAdvisor must be fee-based, have a minimum 5 years of experience, and have a 5 year clear FINRA/SEC record.

Using the directory is easy. Simply plug in your zip code, answer some simple questions, and your results will display. Then, your contact information will be sent to financial advisors who are best matched to your needs.

WiserAdvisor will send you at least 2 to 3 advisors matched to your needs so you can find the perfect fit. A WiserAdvisor profile for recommended financial professionals will contain their name, firm they work for, location, phone number, information about the firm, how many years they’ve been in business, and fee structure.


WiserAdvisor’s blog is updated weekly with valuable financial information. WiserAdvisor maintains a team of writers, editors, and financial professionals ready to share expertise and industry knowledge with readers.

Topics include guidance for financial advisors, retirement planning, financial planning, investment management, saving for higher education, estate planning, and government trends. Articles are easily filterable by any of these categories.

Other topics range from tax-efficient investing to using a Roth IRA for college to the difference between portfolio managers and investment advisers.

Financial Calculators

WiserAdvisor has a series of financial calculators that can help you with long term financial planning. The retirement calculator lets you determine if your current retirement savings is enough to retire on.

Retirement Calculator

The Retirement Calculator takes into account personal savings, pensions, and Social Security to determine if you have enough to retire. It also uses information such as inflation rates, number of years to retirement, and expected age at retirement. You can also choose a projection that does or does not include Social Security.

IRA Calculator

The IRA Calculator lets you compare a Roth IRA to a traditional 401(k) to determine which is right for you. First you enter your age and annual contribution to your retirement plan. The calculator prefills that you’ll want to retire at 65 and receive income for 20 years. If you want to retire later than 65 or change the number of years that you’ll draw on that money, you can edit those numbers.

The tool then uses this and other information like income tax bracket to give you the amount you’ll have at retirement based on your contributions and how much per month you can withdraw for the distribution period you specify.

Tax and Inflation Calculator

The Tax and Inflation Calculator determines how two crucial economic factors affect a hypothetical amount of cash over time. By entering your state and federal tax bracket information, whether or not you itemize deductions, and the rate of inflation, you can see a detailed graph showing what a hypothetical investment of $10,000 will be worth in before tax, after tax, and inflation adjusted dollars.

A Proven Track Record

WiserAdvisor is the nation’s oldest and largest independent network of prescreened financial advisors. It uses the power of this network to give consumers trusted and reliable financial professionals that fit their needs.

Besides the experienced professionals who work with WiserAdviser, the team working for the site keeps it constantly updated with relevant content and easy-to-use financial tools that can help with your financial planning. The site supplies a wealth of information for financial novices as well as experienced investors.

If you have an online presence and are interested in earning money partnering with a platform that acts as a digital bridge between consumers and financial professionals, join the WiserAdvisor Affiliate program. You can take advantage of a great opportunity to generate income when a visitor to your website or follower of your social media content clicks the WiserAdvisor tracking link on your content feed.

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