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Vibrant Performance Announces the LEX Affiliate Program

One of the best things about the Vibrant Performance model is the win-win nature of strategic affiliate referrals. The businesses themselves win by leveraging relationships to create new streams of income. The affiliates win by building income streams while simultaneously creating value for members of their audiences. And the customers who follow the affiliate path win by relying on the organizations and people they trust who offer solutions to the problems they face.Case in point: Our new partnership with LEX, a platform that’s revolutionizing how people can participate in commercial real estate—without hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital.

LEX and the Access Problem

LEX is a bold platform that’s disrupting the commercial real estate investment market by lowering barriers to entry for those who aren’t experienced developers or ultra-high-net-worth individuals or institutions. If you’re interested in investing in commercial real estate, a $17 trillion dollar U.S. market, you’ll face some steep hurdles to meeting your goals. Unless you’re an accredited investor with a substantial amount of capital to invest, you’ll find it challenging to either purchase or participate in commercial property development. However, that’s not the end of the access obstacles. Next, you also have to enjoy relational access. That is, you need to know the right people and be present when those deals are made—except that those deals aren’t made in public. They’re usually proposed, negotiated, and closed within a tight-knit community of experienced participants. That’s great if you have those connections, but if you don’t, it leaves you without an entry point. LEX solves the accessibility issue for any U.S. investor, no matter who they are or how much capital they have (or don’t have). You can purchase shares in commercial real estate assets for $250 per share. That’s it.

LEX and the Liquidity Problem

Access isn’t the only obstacle, however. Let’s say you find your way into a commercialreal estate deal as a minority investor somehow. Now, you’re probably locked into a hold period that’s five years or longer—maybe even up to 10 years long. You can’t sell your stake on your own initiative. This stark reality means you’re holding an assetthat isn’t liquid. An asset that isn’t liquid is actually worth less. When something unanticipated arises and you need your money back to take care of a more pressing matter or enter into a more valuable investment opportunity, you can’t just sell your share, take your cash, and walk away. This in turn depresses your investment’s value. A savvy investor isn’t willing to pay as much for an asset with a lack of liquidity. It’s a problem on both sides of the equation, since both investors and potential purchasers of the real estate are affected. Neither can achieve their goals as freely as might otherwise be possible. LEX solves this problem by opening the assets up to sale and purchase on the LEX Trading System. This system (“LEX ATS”) matches sell orders with buy orders every weekday from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Anyone who participates in the market can use LEX ATS, from LEX users to institutional investors and beyond. While the system can’t guarantee you’ll find a buyer for your share when you want and for the price you seek, you can at least be assured that you’ve got the best chance of overcoming the lack of liquidity. This helps the underlying commercial real estate assets to trade at prices close to what they’re really worth, without that artificial price depression caused by illiquidity.

Benefits to Market Participants

Shareholders who participate in LEX transactions by purchasing shares of valuable commercial real estate assets benefit from this approach in many ways, as do other stakeholders. First and foremost, they experience a boost to cash flow. Distributions aren’t guaranteed, but if the building’s owner takes any distribution for themself, they must also make distributions to the asset’s shareholders. This can happen on a quarterly basis. Your distributions as an asset shareholder on the LEX platform create a new income stream that can help you meet your financial goals. Meanwhile, the property owners for the underlying assets benefit from retaining most of the equity they’ve established in the building. That means it’s in their best interests to manage and operate the property efficiently in an attempt to maximize sustainable returns for shareholders. That in turn benefits the commercial tenants, as well.

LEX Affiliate Opportunities

LEX’s platform and tools will help revolutionize CRE investments and open them up as a potential revenue source for people who are outside the spheres of experienced developers and investors, which mostly include high net worth people, family partnerships, and institutional investors. As a result, the LEX affiliate program is a huge opportunity to create value and income. It’s simple to join and participate. If you have an online audience that aligns with people who have been previously shut out of similar investment opportunities and you’re interested in creating a revenue stream for yourself as well as your audience, join the LEX Affiliate program. When a site user or social media follower clicks on your personal tracking link to join LEX, you’ll generate income.


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