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Vibrant Performance Launches Everyday Life Affiliate Program

Life provides everyone with an endless supply of choices and options at any given time. In our younger years, it’s all about what we’d like to be when we grow up, the college we want to attend and the profession we’d like to go after — all of which are often life choices that we have some control over.

However, life also comes along with some unexpected ups and downs along the way. More often than not, the changes and events can be quite dramatic, life changing and usually uncontrollable — especially when they are related to both health and finance.

You may not have thought about it, or maybe you have.. But the reasons above are why insurance is so important to have, even though it’s been known to be a time-consuming and intimidating process. After all, the average (and sometimes even professional) person is really going to have a hard time deciding on what policy is right, how much is the right amount to spend… and what type of life insurance is best for them.

Here at Vibrant Performance, we’re happy to announce one of our newest clients, Everyday Life! Remember how we mentioned even professionals can have a tough time with the current life insurance process? Those professionals are the ones that created Everyday Life to make it easy to find coverage that changes as your life does.. And keeps it affordable.

What is Everyday Life?

Everyday Life is a term life insurance provider that understands that the coverage you get shouldn’t be stagnant, because life isn’t stagnant. Using Predictive Protection™ Everyday Life guides you through a quick needs assessment to land on a policy that actually fits your needs.

And just as important as planning for your financial future and building a nest egg over time, is making sure you have a valid and high-quality insurance plan in place — you never know what obstacles or unexpected changes may come in the future.

With traditional insurance policies and services, there is a lot of back and forth communication, digging through paperwork and wasted time throughout the process. With Everyday Life, the process is not only fast and easier, it’s also proven to be more cost effective and loved by existing customers.

The process of finding the perfect policy is done in three simple steps, which include a quick 2-minute assessment of your unique needs, a review of one’s personalized recommendations (options and plans), and lastly applying for the insurance policy — which, thanks to Predictive Protection™, often comes with instant approval.

Vibrant Performance The Future of Business, Finance and FinTech

Finance and technology is quickly changing the way we all live, bank, invest and conduct business on a daily basis. And as we continue to see new advancements and technology being released on the many different ways to manage wealth and investments, this industry will only continue to become more exciting and profitable for those in it.

With each of these new changes and advancements in the industry, Vibrant Performance is focused on remaining an industry leader in helping businesses connect with customers, while also serving the much needed service of lead generation and partner support.

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