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Vibrant Performance Launches HappyNest Affiliate Program

FinTech is quickly finding itself more relevant every day in not just business, but also in everyday life for more people than ever before. As more financial services and banking industries continue to adapt technology into their existing business models, we are seeing organizations and individuals across the board become more empowered to diversify investments and grow their financial health.

Nowadays more individuals (especially millennials) are looking to personally take control of their finance future, investments and banking, this is one of the hottest industries to be in. And to further back up this point, these same reports mention that “About 70% of households with a net worth of $500,000 or more headed by a person under 45” — which a great majority of these individuals looking to invest and manage their wealth and investments personally.

With all of that being said, today, Vibrant Performance is excited to announce the launch of another new partner program with HappyNest — which is quickly becoming a popular name and preferred solution in the world of investing, real estate, and fintech.


HappyNest is a mobile application and online-based portfolio and trading platform for individuals looking to invest in real estate. While traditional online trading platforms have made it easy for anyone to start trading stocks and building up their own portfolio of positions, HappyNest has accomplished the same thing — but with real estate investments in mind.

As mentioned on their site, “4 out of 5 millionaires make their fortunes from real estate.” — as more individuals are looking to personally manage their own investments and financial future, the concept of doing this through real estate investments isn’t just completely new, it’s also revolutionary.

Another key point mentioned on their site, is “Unlike investing in stocks, real estate is shielded from the constant ups and downs of the market and offers a return of up to 6% over time.” — this also provides a lower risk and improved long term goal setting process for individuals who aren’t specifically well-versed in the world of stock trading and personal investments.

Some of the many features offered within the platform include setting financial goals, putting a plan together to achieve them, and also giving all users the ability to invest like the 1% — all through a powerful online and mobile application.

The idea behind HappyNest is starting your nest egg. A low commitment investment that you can set, and watch it grow over time. Using the app you can invest as little as $10 and HappyNest will allocate and diversify for you.

Vibrant Performance The Future of Business, Finance and FinTech

Finance and technology is quickly changing the way we all live, bank, invest and conduct business on a daily basis. And as we continue to see new advancements and technology being released on the many different ways to manage wealth and investments, this industry will only continue to become more exciting and profitable for those in it.

With each of these new changes and advancements in the industry, Vibrant Performance is focused on remaining an industry leader in helping businesses connect with customers, while also serving the much needed service of lead generation and partner support.

To learn more about HappyNest, please contact our team today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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