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Vibrant Performance Launches Hiatus Affiliate Program

Many consumers have come to recognize that getting a handle on their finances can feel confusing and overwhelming at the best of times. In an age where almost everything has become a subscription or recurring payment, it can feel even harder to stay on top of where you’re spending your money… Especially if you’re no longer reaping the benefits of the thing you signed up for in the first place.

People yearn for a simple, accessible solution that eliminates that confusion and brings their spending back under control. Hiatus could be that solution and Vibrant Performance has just launched its affiliate program.

What Is Hiatus?

Hiatus is a mobile app that can be named as “the smart way to manage your bills, track your subscriptions and get control of your money.” One of the biggest things that separates Hiatus from its competitors is the ability to track and cancel subscriptions with one click, all from the palm of your hand..

From within the app, you can track all your subscriptions. This can include everything from Amazon Prime and Spotify to Kindle Unlimited, Netflix, and The New York Times. The Hiatus app shows which subscriptions are active, how much they cost you, and when they will next renew. Next to each of these is an easy link to cancel that subscription.

It may not sound like a lot to spend $9.99 here and $14.99 there, but these monthly subscriptions can add up very quickly. Hiatus makes it easy to see who is auto-charging you, so you can decide to cancel any unwanted subscriptions. Depending on the service, you can even unsubscribe automatically. Some will require a short form, but that’s up to the individual service.

Beyond Subscriptions to Better Bills

While subscription management is one of the key differentiating features offered by Hiatus, the award-winning app goes much further. It is designed to be a full bill and money manager. The app makes it easy to track your expenses and build a budget, for example. Since it is tracking your bills, Hiatus can also alert you if rates have increased. Being able to easily manage your finances in one place saves you both time and money. All you have to do is connect to your bank accounts.

Speaking of saving money, Hiatus Premium also helps you get the best rates on your bills. While some services like Apple TV+ and YouTube Premium present up-front monthly subscriptions, other services (like cell phone bills and utilities) can vary significantly. People negotiate loyalty and other exclusive plans and deals all the time. How can you know if you’re overpaying compared to your neighbors?

Hiatus can help with that. They can see the utility rates of many people within a given region. With information comes power. Negotiating power. Armed with this data, Hiatus can help negotiate your bill down to a more competitive rate. Why should you pay more than the guy down the street? This extends to many national billing companies and the packages they offer too. Want a better rate on your mortgage, student loan, or life insurance? Hiatus steps in and stops you from paying unnecessarily high rates. No one has the  time to constantly check for better rates, so Hiatus does it for them.

Need more help? Hiatus has partnered with Lending Tree to present competitive financing offers as well. Users get a better handle on their debt, including better access to personal loans, credit cards, insurance and deposit accounts. The Hiatus app utilizes 256-bit encryption to secure your financial information. That’s bank level security to ensure your privacy is suitably protected.

Who Would Be Interested in Hiatus?

The truth is that almost anyone who wants to get a better handle on their finances—without getting overwhelmed under a mountain of spreadsheets and constant rate comparisons—can benefit from the Hiatus app.

Just about everyone subscribes to at least a few services these days, between music and video streaming services, cloud storage accounts, online gaming platforms and so much more. But, it’s easy to forget about the automatic charges that show up on your checking account or credit card statement each month. Getting a clear, well organized overview of everything happening with your money makes it much easier to make sounder financial decisions. And to stop overpaying, especially for services you’re not even using anymore.

From busy students to busy parents, young professionals to people with growing responsibilities, Hiatus empowers all users to optimize their spending habits. The app not only keeps track of your expenses, but also monitors for unfair rates and offers contextual advice. It’s a proactive approach that’s easy and convenient. From the perspective of an affiliate promoting Hiatus via Vibrant Performance, it’s an easy sell.

Tech-savvy users will love the robust feature set and personalized, actionable advice. Users who may be less tech-inclined will appreciate the intuitive interface and convenient mobile app.

A Modern Solution for Modern Times

At the heart of Hiatus, since the app’s very inception, the driving force has been overcoming an increasingly common problem among average consumers: paying for unwanted subscriptions. The app has since evolved and grown into a full money management system, powered by machine intelligence, behavioral design, and strategic partnerships. Users take control of their finances and ensure they’re never overpaying.

With the affiliate program on Vibrant Performance, publishers can quickly and easily identify the common pain points that Hiatus aims to alleviate for consumers. It’s applicable for almost anyone, opening up a broad range of opportunities for affiliates to target specific demographics with more custom-tailored campaigns. As users start saving money, affiliates can start making money too.


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