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Vibrant Performance Launches Oxygen Affiliate Program

In the world of banking and personal finance, it’s a sad truth that many people just feel like a number and are no longer appreciated for keeping their precious funds with a given bank or institution. With so much on the line for individuals and businesses that keep their finances at a bank, you would expect there to be somewhat of a relationship there, and not just an endless need for earnings from unwanted fees, late charges and upsells.

That’s the exact thought process at Oxygen, a fresh new way to bank, while also catering to the needs of rebels and entrepreneurs that understand the importance of money and personal finance in today’s economy.

With money and personal finance always being of the utmost concern, today, we are going to take a look at the Oxygen program, what it is, and how you can start earning money by promoting it to your audience through Vibrant Performance.

A Quick Look At What Oxygen Offers

Oxygen is an online and app-focused banking platform that is catered to entrepreneurs, freelancers, businesses and individuals looking for change in the world of banking.

Awarded as the Best Overall Fintech App, Oxygen has the necessary tools and features in place to cater to the needs of all audiences, while also providing exceptional services and features other traditional banks simply won’t.

Through their easy-to-use application, and beautiful interface, it’s no wonder why Oxygen is quickly building a massive following and brand for itself in the world of personal and business finance.

In addition to everything else mentioned, the company is based in San Francisco, and Oxygen is backed by Runa Capital, Y Combinator and other leading fintech investors. This further improves the focus and stability of the company, as they have the necessary funding and background experience to understand the needs of those with a side hustle or full-time business of their own.

How Oxygen is Different

The concept of ‘banking’ is quite simple. It’s a place to store and manage your money. However, what isn’t simple is why and how banks often charge management fees and make money off other people’s money sitting in their accounts.

Oxygen is different from traditional banks and digital banks for a number of reasons, which includes offering access to their revolutionary app for easy access and banking, while also offering no monthly fees and cash back rewards that all customers can benefit from.

Oxygen also has the option in place to allow for customers to receive payments up to 2-days faster than they may have with other traditional banking solutions.

Most financial institutions allow for both personal and business accounts. Oxygen has built a system in place that allows for such catering to the needs of personal or professional account holders alike.

However, Oxygen has also put in the extra time and effort to make sure their banking solutions are catered specifically towards business owners and entrepreneurs and helping them grow their business, or even symply with getting started in the launch process.

Such features and benefits include the ability to launch an LLC through Oxygen business services, the ability to set up and implement cashback rewards for businesses, and providing employees with virtual cards. Through the use of the Oxygen app, business owners can mail out checks and manage cash flow and accounting as well.

As you can see, many of these features aren’t even offered by traditional banking outlets, let alone for free.

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