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Vibrant Performance Takes Over Management of Keeper Tax Affiliate Program

Taxes are one of the most daunting and difficult parts of managing finances, and many people struggle to understand what they can and can’t do in terms of write-offs and savings. This leads many people to overpay their taxes year after year – but that all changes with the Keeper Tax app.

With this in mind, Vibrant Performance is elated to announce that Keeper Tax has become our latest client, and today we’d like to highlight how you can start earning more from their affiliate program, while also offering a better experience and solution to your audience in the process.

Keeper Tax finally makes tax season simple for those with 1099 income – which accounts for 1 in 3 Americans. Not only are customers of the platform saving an average of $173 a month after downloading the app (that’s over $2,000 a year!), it also only costs $16/m, which makes it a no-brainer way for 1099 workers to better manage their finances and save money in the process.

The benefit to using a solution like Keeper Tax, is that it helps customers to keep track of those easy-to-miss write-offs, such as gas station fill-ups, phone bills, and all the things that can be written off when working at home this year. Best of all, come tax season, users can file directly through Keeper Tax, eliminating all the normal stressors that come with tax season. Filing costs are simple, affordable, and straightforward: $89 to file directly, and $39 to export and file alone.

Keeper Tax eliminates all doubt about what a user can claim, and pays for itself in less than a month. Keeper Tax offers a free 7-day trial so users can see all the benefits before joining.

In short, with the ease of use that Keeper Tax offers, while considering the many extra added bonuses and financial savings, it’s a win-win for both users of the platform and affiliates that decide to promote it.

How to Make Money with the Affiliate Program

When it comes to finding a great affiliate offer for tax time and financial audiences throughout the year, Keeper Tax is an excellent choice. Their solution is ideal for businesses that work with 1099 workers, while also helping in the tax write-off process.

In summary, this app makes tax easy for freelancers and anyone in the gig economy, which currently equates to 36% of all working individuals in the US. That’s a huge customer pool, many of whom manage their finances alone.

Keeper Tax sells itself: it’s affordable, it’s user friendly, and it saves the user thousands of dollars. It can be used alone or in tandem with an accountant or other financial software. It’s the key that will help hundreds of thousands of freelancers feel in control of their finances.

The Keeper Tax program offers:

  • Payout of $25 on the bank link event
  • 30-day attribution window
  • Real-time tracking and reporting available through TUNE
  • Guidance and support through the Vibrant Performance agency
  • Full slate of ad creatives

Keeper Tax has been featured by TechCrunch, Vice, Forbes, and Yahoo!, so it’s an ideal program to join and drive your marketing toward. The collective momentum will help increase authority and make your efforts to convert so much easier.

For these reasons and many more, Keeper Tax is the financial assistant they need, at a price they can afford — while also being the perfect candidate affiliate offer for your audience.

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