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Why We Started Vibrant Performance – an Affiliate Partnership Agency

Why We Started Vibrant Performance – an Affiliate Partnership Agency

Today’s consumers are savvier about their personal finance than ever. They’re always looking for new ways to manage their money better, invest smarter, or save more.

There are a lot of opportunities for fintech startups that leverage the latest technologies (e.g., mobile apps, blockchain) to provide innovative financial services.

In fact, by 2020, the total value of fintech investments worldwide will hit US$46 billion.

fintech investments


Despite the abundant opportunities, the competition is also tough. In today’s competitive market, you can’t just run a few display ads and hope for the best. You need more than a great product to gain traction and ensure sustainable growth.

For many startups, the challenge is twofold:

  • Consumers are cautious when it comes to their personal finances so you’ll need to build trust and credibility quickly.
  • As a new company, it’s often an uphill battle to win the trust of potential customers. You need more than a sales page that toots your own horn to cut through the clutter and stand out from your competitors.

Performance marketing via affiliates is becoming increasingly popular among startups because it helps solve these challenges.

When you work with affiliates that have built their own dedicated readership, you can leverage those relationships with their audience to accelerate the “like, know, and trust” factor and progress prospects down the sales funnel more effectively.

Working with affiliates is affordable, with minimal upfront investment since you only pay them after a sale is made – a model that works well for many startups with a limited marketing budget.

However, managing an affiliate program can be quite daunting. Not only do you have to find the right affiliates and set up tracking correctly but you also need to provide effective training, promotional materials, and strategies so they can effectively market your products.

Running a successful affiliate program often comes with a steep learning curve. You’d need a team of experts and years of trial-and-error to dial in all the moving parts.

That’s why we started Vibrant Performance, an Affiliate Partnership Agency with an expertise in helping fintech startups leverage this reliable, scalable, and high-performing user acquisition channel to grow their businesses quickly and effectively.

Vibrant is led by Todd Stearn, Jason Kilby, and Joshua Kopac – who are respectively the CEO, CRO, and Director of Performance at Aragon Advertising, an award-winning performance marketing agency.

Working with Vibrant, our clients can benefit from our assets including the Aragon Premium content marketing network – exposing clients to hundreds of finance publishers – and personal finance blog The Money Manual with 2.5m monthly uniques.

These assets combine with Aragon’s 7 years in the affiliate marketing world to establish the Vibrant Performance Perspective (VPP). VPP is the framework for Vibrant’s unique approach to launching, managing, and scaling a brand’s affiliate program. Read more about VPP insights and how they’ll help your brand succeed here.

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